Army Sniper Veteran Killed in Hometown


America's Most Wanted: Steven Perez Homicide -- An absolutely chilling cell phone video taken by an unidentified witness shows the final moments of a military veteran’s life, CBS Boston reports. Stephen Perez, 22, who served two tours of duty in the Middle East with the U.S. Army as a sniper, was shot to death following a late-night brawl that erupted during a night out with friends in Boston’s Theater District last April. The video shows a confrontation arising after a woman said something to Perez and his friends, kicking their car as they were trying to leave. Perez responded and said something back, which prompted an all-out brawl between two groups of people. The fight was brutal — several punches were thrown, many connected. In the video, a man can later be seen retrieving a handgun from his waist, holding it steadily as he finds his target. Perez’s cousin told CBS Boston that his family can barely stand to watch the video. Read more at cell-phone-video-shows-fight-before- army-vet-is-killed-in-boston/

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