Airman Tackles Robber at TJ Maxx

An active member of the U.S. Air Force tackled a robber who was trying to leave the TJ Maxx store. The robber had entered the store wearing dark clothing and a ski mask and hurled a landscaping rock through the glass of a jewelry counter, said police. He grabbed nearly $26,000 worth of high-end watches and put them in a bag, then headed for the door, police said. The member of the Air Force, who was wearing civilian clothes, saw the robber, ran around the jewelry counter and tackled him, said police. There was a struggle on the floor. The robber lost his mask and his jacket in the scuffle, as well as the bag of watches, but managed to get to his feet and run from the store. He was described as a light-skinned black male in his late 20s with light facial hair.

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