Soldier Surprises Sister at Graduation

High school graduation usually comes with a grad party and gifts, but for Camille Poe, it came with something money can't buy. The Cottage Grove High School student had just reached the end of the stage to accept her diploma, when she heard her name called not by a school officials, but a much more familiar voice. It was her brother, Colt Poe, who has been gone for a year since joining the US Air Force. Camille says she had no idea it was happening.The surprise has been in the works since December by Colt's wife, Olivia. She says Colt and Camille have a close relationship, and when he couldn't make it home earlier this year she knew she had to make it happen. "For her birthday a couple months ago she said, 'could you please come home, could you please come home?' We couldn't make it happen so I thought we might has well surprise her. What better way to do it than on her graduation day?" says Colt's wife, Olivia. Olivia says the entire family was surprised, except for their grandfather, who helped Olivia plan.

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