Soldier Surprises Mom, Gets Slapped


January 23, 2014 -- You mad, ma?! You just got to love these special moments! Thursday, members of the 144th Police Company of the Michigan National Guard were welcomed home at Owosso High School. One soldier's plan to surprise his mother at the ceremony backfired; she wasn't there and he had to track her down. Specialist Allan Mazen told his mom he was coming home in February. He tried to get her to come to Thursday's ceremony, but she didn't show up, thinking he would not be there. So, Specialist Mazen had to go her. He tracked her down at work, at the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, in Flint. Walking down the hall, he wasn't quite sure what to expect. After all, he did lie to his mom about his return date. A few seconds after the reunion, the shock wore off, but the hugs never stopped. Even though Mazen wanted to surprise his mom in Owosso, the reunion was just as sweet. Mazen said he was planning to surprise his mom during his entire deployment in Afghanistan. Now he's looking to complete his next mission. "Go to school and get a Bachelor's Degree and go into law enforcement," he said.


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