Soldier Dressed as 'Red Robin' Surprises Mom

Private First Class Jake Henry is home for the holidays. But no one knew about it Thursday night. (Well, Action News did.) Jake, a combat engineer, was deployed during Christmas in 2013. His orders to the Middle East were canceled, but he's been stationed at Fort Riley Kansas ever since. The Philadelphia native returned home to surprise his mom, Cheri Padulese. "No one knows that I'm here right now so my mom is probably going to cry. It's going to be fun," Jake said. The two haven't seen each other in a full year. To pull off the surprise, Jake came to the Red Robin restaurant in Trevose near his mother's home. He dressed up as the restaurant's mascot, Red, beak and all. The plan: To go out to his mother's table where she is having dinner. First, he greeted other families having dinner to not look suspicious. Then he moved to that one special customer.


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