Marine Turns Mascot to Surprise Daughter


Love and basketball at a college hoops game in North Carolina. A student gets the surprise of a lifetime when asked to be a part of a half time show. It takes a special individual to put on a mascot suit and last night it was an American hero stepping in to the costume. Major Jimmy Hicks of the United States Marine Corps is home from his deployment in Afghanistan so what a better way to celebrate than with family. But there's one person that doesn't know he's back his daughter Simms Hicks, who is a college a sophomore. To pull off the ultimate surprise she was asked to present the American flag her dad gave the university at the home basketball game. With her dad dressed as paws she never expected the half time ceremony to go the way did. The surprise reunion brought the crowd at the Ramsey Center to their feet. It's a moment everyone will remember and something everyone Major Hicks and Simms will cherish forever. "Like you always have these visions in your head that maybe he'd run out. You always see the basketball games where the parents get home and run out from the back or whatever but I never suspected him to actually be paws but it was probably a dream for him come true," Simms said. Simms attended the game with her mom, who was in on the whole thing.

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