Little Girl Surprised at Dance Recital

Army Sergeant First Class Luke Labonte has been serving on and off overseas since 2011. Recently he was stationed in Indiana, but Friday night he was in Moosup Elementary School in Plainfield. This was part of a special reunion because his daughter Morgan lost part of her foot in an accident while her dad was away.Morgan was told that she wouldn't be able to dance again, but Friday night she did just that. Morgan performed a story about a ballerina who is overcoming obstacles."This is a big thing for me," Sgt. Labonte said. "The last time I came home I had a house fire, my son and daughter were in the hospital. I've never come home and surprised them and make it a happy reunion."Sergeant Labonte teaches break-dancing in Moosup when he is home and says he is very proud to see his little girl on stage.

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