Great Reunion on the Football Field

Get ready for some "Polar Bear" hugs during this surprise military family reunion on the football field. Story: BRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. (Angela Ingram) -- Specialist Justin May is in familiar territory. He's a graduate of Bracken County High School.On this warm Friday evening, he's putting on the school's mascot costume for a special surprise.He says, Well my little brother, he's number 40 playing with Bracken County this year. He's a senior. I thought it would be a good time to come and surprise him. Justin's father, Ronald, is also an assistant coach at the school. Bracken County is getting ready to play Dayton. And while the teams are warming up, Justin is quietly pretending to be a high school student dressed as the school mascot. After the national anthem is the coin toss and then the crowd learns that there's a guest at the game. Ryan May gets ready to play and doesn't realize his brother is just feet away.And, then Ronald sees, the person sweating under the mascot costume. The crowd is thrilled to witness the bond between father and son and two brothers.Ronald says of his sons return, Surprised because I knew he was back in the states from Afghanistan, but I didn't expect him here no way.

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