Family, Friends Surprise Soldier at Airport


East Tennessee's military men and women are serving our country here at home and around the world. When they get the chance to take a break from deployment, for many, it's important to make sure they get a warm welcome home. Monday night, PFc. Eric Blazier, 22, got just that. The soldier has been stationed in Germany for nearly a year, before that Syria. His friends and family, equipped with colorful signs and hugs, were there to greet him at McGhee Tyson Airport when he arrived. This trip is a short one, but his family says they'll cherish the seven days they have with him. "We've got him until Sunday so I'm going to spoil him a little bit," said Connie Blazier, Eric's mom. "I didn't get to come home at Christmas so this kind of makes up for it," PFc. Eric Blazier said. His family knows they will have to share him, even if his mom doesn't want to. "I know he wants to see his friends but I'm going to lock him up and keep him to myself," Connie said. Blazier says he's looking forward to spending time with his family the most. He's home actually sooner than expected for this break. He has a medical condition that needs attention. "It's great to be home," Blazier said.

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