Dad Surprises Daughter at Football Game

It is very moving watching a military parent come home and safely reunite with family. Chief Warrant Officer Charles Haas flew into town Tuesday night. With his wife's help, he waited until today to surprise his two daughters. From the moment he left his family for a tour in Afghanistan, Chief Warrant Officer Charles Haas has been thinking of today, his return home. "We've been waiting a year for this moment," says his wife, Tina Haas. "The opportunities to get home on time are sometimes a challenge..." says Ofc. Haas. Haas and his wife of 18 years planned a special homecoming for their two daughters. The clever parents already surprised their 12-year-old. "Caught Madyson in her science class," says Ofc. Haas. "I like starting crying. It was amazing. I was so surprised," says Madyson Haas. Wednesday night, Haas surprised his 15-year-old daughter, a cheerleader at Gilbert's Highland High School. "She's a little difficult to surprise, so this is a biggie," says Tina. Haas walked onto the football field behind the Junior ROTC at Wednesday night's football game. 15-year-old Savannah heard her father's name being announced and realized her dad was home. The touching moment was on display for all the football fans. Then the national anthem played as father and daughter stood along the sidelines. "So relieved. Extremely. It's hard having a parent away," says Savannah Haas. "I'm so happy to be home," says Ofc. Haas. Mom Tina said she is most excited to give up the keys and let dad drive the girls around for a change. Both the girls are excited to hang out with dad. Their first activity will be riding bikes to the local coffee shop.