Airman Surprises Wife at School

"My son was deployed to Afghanistan just 2 months after he was married. He came home a week earlier than expected and wanted to surprise everyone he could. There was on 4 people that new he was coming home early (me, my husband, his dad and his dads wife), so he wanted to surprise his family. First he surprised his younger brother (age 10) at school, then his younger sister (age 18) at work, and his other younger sister (age 22) at home. The next day we (my son and I) drove 3 1/2 hours so he could surprise his wife at WSU (Wichita State University), she is a Junior there and had no idea he was coming home early, she thought he was coming home next week and was planning on surprising him... but she found out the surprise was on was amazing to see it all played out... they made all the news channels and the Wichita Eagle as well...I am so glad he is home safe and sound..."

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