Epic Marine Corps Birthday Cadence


    Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps! On November 10th, we celebrate the Marine Corps birthday and honor all of the brave Marines who have served. Marines are proud to continue carrying out Corps motto: Semper Fidelis.

    This Marine Corps birthday cadence was written to honor the service and tradition of the Marine Corps, from its birth in Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, to what it takes to become a Marine, to the service and sacrifice of Marines who previously served. 

    Here’s the text of the Marine Corps birthday cadence:

    Low right, a low-right lay-o

    Left right, right, a left right lay-o

    Low right, a low-right lay-o

    Low right, right, your left, right low

    Left foot

    Left foot

    Here we go

    Oh yeah

    There comes a day in every year

    Of pride, we shed a tear

    In 10 November when it began

    In a tavern they laid the plan

    Since that day the battles won

    Our legacy won’t be undone.

    Around the globe we show our might,

    We train today, we fight tonight.

    On this day we do it right,

    We honor those who fought the fight.

    Now listen up as we go through,

    These traditions keep us true.

    1-2-3-4 (Marine Corps!)

    1-2-3-4 (Marine Corps!)

    1-2-3-4 (Marine Corps!)

    Listen up, I'm going to sing some more (Marine Corps!)

    Motivation and the Semper Fi, (Marine Corps!)

    This is where we come alive. (Marine Corps!)

    San Diego climbing up the hills, (Marine Corps!)

    Parris Island parade deck skills. (Marine Corps!)

    Never giving up is what we instill (Marine Corps!)

    On hallowed ground we’re waged in will. (Marine Corps!)

    Being a rifleman is our creed. (Marine Corps!)

    This is what we all need to succeed. (Marine Corps!)

    United as one, we fight as a team. (Marine Corps!)

    And forever we'll all bleed green. (Marine Corps!)

    To all Marines who served before, (Marine Corps!)

    You're the ones we're screaming for. (Marine Corps!)



    Left foot.

    Left foot.

    Next motivator won't you come on out.

    We want to hear you scream and shout.

    Take it on the left foot.

    Mighty, mighty left foot.

    Take it.

    I've got it (she's got it!)

    Oldest Devil Dog, where you at?

    Cut the cake and pass it on back.

    Knife hand, mameluke, NCO sword,

    One bite for me, and another for the Corps.

    Standing proud in our blues,

    Medals prepped with shiny shoes.

    Charge my glass and hold it high,

    Never forget all those who died.

    To all who fight, Semper Fi,

    A toast to keep the spirit alive.

    Old breed new breed, near and far,

    Happy birthday wherever you are.

    I said ooh-rah! (Ooh-rah!)

    Marine Corps!