Hybrid Recon Assault Vehicle (Hy-DRA)

Hy-DRA Hybrid Electric Drive All Terrain Vehicle -- The Hybrid-Defense Reconnaissance Assault vehicle (Hy-DRA) is the mobility solution for today's warfighter. The high-performance, low-acoustic and heat signature Hy-DRA all-terrain vehicle will give the warfighter unprecedented mobility while maintaining the element of surprise when faced with rugged terrain and an elusive enemy. Hy-DRA uses mature, off-the-shelf hybrid electric-drive technology integrated into a small, rugged ATV design. Leveraging proven technology and design principles from off-road racing and extreme rock-crawling, Hy-DRA is the ideal vehicle for special operations and expeditionary forces. For more on Hy-DRA, visit: http://www.raytheon.com/capabilities/products/hydra/