Patria - AMV XP 8X8 Armored Vehicle


Patria AMV XP sets a new standard for the future armoured wheeled vehicles. Patria launched its new vehicle concept at DSEI-exhibition in autumn 2013. Since then the vehicle has been tested and fine-tuned in very challenging tests for the future needs of customers. Patria sets a new standard for the future 8x8 armoured wheeled vehicles. Spacious interior and high payload carrying capability provide a platform for future customer variants, allowing the simultaneous integration of weapon systems, protection and crew equipment.Patria now publishes the vehicle's new name, Patria AMV XP. The name Patria AMV XP resembles very well vehicle's features and capabilities. The name links the product strongly to the Patria AMV product family and the abbreviation XP stands for Extra Payload, Extra Performance and Extra Protection, which are telling a lot about the qualities of the vehicle. Patria AMV XP unrivalled mobility is based on an upgraded powerline providing 450 kW engine power together with an unforeseen Integrated Terrain Control System (ITCS). Its electrical power generation is measured to match the increasing power needs of future soldier and C4I systems. Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) together with the vehicle's digital backbone ensures the best possible platform for the 21st century soldiers to meet their objectives in every operational theatre now and in the future."Patria AMV XP strengthens further Patria's leading armoured wheeled vehicle product offering. Its extensive and extreme testing phase has verified the vehicle's state of the art qualities. We have succeeded in developing the top-notch vehicle. By developing the new vehicle Patria provides the best solutions to match the customer needs of tomorrow", highlights Mika Kari, President, Patria Land business unit.

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