BMD-4 Airborne Armored Vehicle


The BMD-4 airborne combat vehicle entered service with Russian airborne units in 2005. This vehicle uses the BMD-3 chassis, but carries a significantly more powerful armament. In some cases the BMD-4 can replace main battle tanks and artillery units with it's firepower during landing operations. Some older BMD-3 are being upgraded to BMD-4, while a low-rate production of new vehicles continues. This new airborne combat vehicle is completed with the same armament, carried by the Russian BMP-3 IFV, the 100-mm gun and coaxial 30-mm cannon. The 100-mm gun can also fire Bastion laser-guided anti-tank missiles. This missile has a range of fire in 5.5 km and can also target helicopters. Ordinary 100-mm rounds have a maximum range of fire in 7 km. The 100-mm gun comes with an autoloader, which also loads anti-tank missiles. The 100-mm gun of the BMD-4 has a rate of fire in 10 -15 rounds per minute.

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