IED Blast Panel Test with C4


Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) recently announced a new line of special explosion-resistant SUVs in response to the recent string of bombings and terrorist attacks across West Africa and the Middle East. See full press release here: me/20120626005403/en TAC officials reported that the new line of armored, blast-mitigating vehicles will be based on the Toyota Land Cruiser platform and will offer clients in areas like Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen an unprecedented amount of protection against undercarriage blasts, roadside explosions, IEDs, anti- personnel mines, and car bombs. The vehicles will be outfitted with blast panels from Bravo Zulu Services, Inc., and this video shows the Zulushield 1500 series panels in action. These specialized blast panels allow TAC's new line of vehicles to actually defeat IED blasts as opposed to merely surviving them. More information: or For exclusive content, like us on Facebook: ng

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