nEUROn UCAV 100th Flight Testing

Saint-Cloud, France, March 9, 2015 – With the completion of its 100th flight in February, the nEUROn UCAV technology demonstrator has completed its test campaign in France. Throughout this entire campaign, the nEUROn and associated equipment demonstrated exemplary availability and reliability. In the first phase, the purpose of the tests was to open the flight envelope (including with weapon bay doors open), to test the electro-optical sensor and to evaluate datalink performance. In the second phase, most flights were dedicated to infrared and electromagnetic signature/detection confrontations against operational systems. These confrontations, which produced all the expected results, were performed under the authority of the French defense procurement agency DGA. The nEUROn, in full stealth configuration, was operated by Dassault Aviation. Stealth-related data and feedback will serve as a reference for future aircraft projects. Learn more at