Iran Claims They Hacked US Drone


Iran proudly announced to the world earlier this week that it's army had shot down a CIA-operated drone that had crossed into its airspace. Shortly after the announcement, Iranian state television revised the statement, saying instead that it had managed to "take over controls" of the drone and bring it down — leading to a flurry of speculation that the US drone had been hacked. The ability to hack into a drone is, obviously, a worrying one. So, is it possible? "While it is technically possible for someone to hack into a UAV control system, it is really unlikely in this case," said Missy Cummings, director of the Humans and Automation Laboratory at MIT. "Assuming that it crashed, it was likely due to a lost link problem on the side of the US, with some other concurrent system problem (low fuel, stalled engine, etc.) The US has lost several UAVs in this manner, so that is my guess." Read more at…


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