Navy Clip of Fatal Spy Plane Crash

Grainy footage taken from the USAF EP-3E spylane as it is involved in a collision with a CPLAAF J-8 (S/N 81192), fighter aircraft. The Chinese pilot was listed as MIA as a result of the collision, and the 24 crew of the spyplane were captured and detained by the CPLAAF. The US spies were released by their captors 10 days later. Shortly after the incident, the EP-3E pilot called for the crew to be ready to bail-out, but managed to limp to a CPLAAF airfield. The spies poured hot coffee into the disk drives and onto motherboards in an attempt to destroy sensitive information. It is thought the time the CPLAAF had to examine the spy-plane yielded many secrets however.


Video Shock and Awe