Real of Fake? Russian Su-27 Intercepts P-3


    November 2014 - This unclassified video was allegedly filmed from a Portuguese air force P-3 Orion and shows a Russian air force Su-27 Flanker intercept the Maritime Patrol Aircraft over the Baltic Sea. The video was reportedly filmed and released by the Portugese air force. However, WarLeaks on YT points out some inconsistencies in the video and story: 1) There is no evidence that the Portugese air force released this video. Check their YT page at and official website at 2) Articles that refer to this "incident" credit the Portugeese air force which apparently never released this video. 3) The FLIR part doesn't show any heat signatures from the pilot nor the afterburner in the beginning. 4) The sky is a texture commonly used in Armed Assault and other realistic military simulators. 5) The aircraft looks like a 3D model as in the game Digital Combat Simulator - | 6) The pilots head movement looks exactly like the movement in Armed Assault. 7) The Baltic Sea is NATO allied territory so if a Russian aircraft was there it would likely be intercepted by NATO. ---- What do you think, real or fake?

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