Boxkite Replica Flies at Aussie Air Show

History was recreated at Point Cook this morning when a replica Bristol Boxkite retraced the first military air flight made in Australia 100 years ago today. On-lookers re-lived the moment in 1914 when Lieutenant Eric Harrison made the maiden flight of what would later become the Royal Australian Air Force. Boxkite pilot, Squadron Leader Steve Becker, said he was honoured to be able to recreate the event that marked the birth of the Royal Australian Air Force. "Back in those days, Boxkites were the cutting edge of technology. The Boxkite's use in training the first Australian aviators reflects the foresight of the early aviators who saw the value and future of air power in Australia." "During the historical flight the replica aircraft reached an altitude of around 50 feet at 55 kilomters per hour. With the technology of the time, military aviation was heavily dependent on the weather. The Boxkite replica is the culmination of several years work by the RAAF Museum. None of the original aircraft that trained Australia's air men for the First World War exist today and significant research and resources went into recreating an airworthy craft. The Boxkite replica will be on display for the first time at the Centenary of Military Aviation Air Show today and tomorrow at the home of military aviation RAAF Williams, Point Cook.

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