Su-35S Flanker-E Stealth Fighter


The Su-35 is designed to intercept and destroy all types of aerial targets in medium- and long-range engagements and dogfights, to gain air superiority as well as to destroy ground and surface targets, ground infrastructure facilities located far away from the base airfields heavily protected by the active AAD system. The Su-35 is a profoundly upgraded variant of the Su-27 fighter. The upgrade was aimed at enhancing aircraft combat efficiency to destroy aerial, ground and sea targets. The Su-35 design incorporated the best engineering solutions proven in operations of Su-27/Su-30 family fighters. The Su-35 combines characteristics necessary for a modern fighter, such as: super maneuverability, sophisticated active and passive sensor systems, high supersonic flight speed, long range of flight, possibility to arrange aircraft interaction; as well as characteristics of a good combat aircraft, namely: a wide range of armaments, modern multichannel electronic warfare system, enhanced stealth technologies, aircraft combat survivability.


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