Pilot Loses Control During Helo Flight Test

Following a flight-testing incident in experimental helicopter ZK-HOL SN#003 on Saturday 8 November 2014, Composite Helicopters International Test Pilots Peter Maloney and Norbert Idelon reflect on their emergency landing and the technology that saved them. Composite Helicopters International has manufactured the world’s first helicopter with a full monocoque fuselage fabricated entirely from rigid composite materials. This design and composite materials provide unparalleled impact, corrosion and fatigue resistance. With their patented EvoStrength™ technology, the helicopter represents an evolution in helicopter structural strength and an important development in helicopter manufacturing globally. With over 250 hours of flight testing performed already, the helicopter is stronger, safer and has the lowest operational costs in its class. Learn more at http://vimeo.com/user35900664


Video Shock and Awe