Medical Helo Crashes in New Mexico


Albuquerque, NM - Video released Friday shows a medical helicopter crashing into the roof of University of New Mexico Hospital shortly after takeoff earlier this month. Three people were injured when the helicopter crashed April 9. The pilot of the helicopter said the control pedals jammed or locked during takeoff from the hospital's roof. The videos shows the chopper spin out of control shortly after takeoff. Two hospital security officers ran towards the burning helicopter. The men are being credited with pulling the pilot and crew to safety. "We needed to get them out. That was the only thing on my mind," said UNMH security officer Eugene Lujan. He and officer Roberto Sandoval were just 50 feet away when the crash happened. Both men said they were just doing their job. The helicopter was owned by PHI Air Medical, who released the video Friday morning on their Facebook page. The NTSB is investigating the crash. It could be months before the agency issues its final report.

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