Last Flight of the Lynx Helicopter

October 4, 2013 -- British military helicopter flying in Germany has come to an end as the drawdown of British troops from BFG gathers pace. 1 Regiment Army Air Corps held a special parade today at Princess Royal Barracks before their Lynx aircraft left Gutersloh for the very last time. In just two decades 1AAC have racked up 17 operational commitments including Afghanistan, the Balkans and Iraq. Only last week, 661 Squadron returned home from Op Herrick 18. The parade was also to recognise the bravery of individuals. In December 2011 Major John Tymon's helicopter suffered a catastrophic engine malfunction. But his strength under pressure saved the lives of the crew. Today he was recognised in the operational honours list, receiving the Queens Commendation for bravery in the air. As the three remaining Lynx aircraft took to the skies for the very last time, German military enthusiasts came from far and wide to mark a historic day.