Army Helicopter Conducts Candy Air Drop

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - A mystery in the Arcadia neighborhood. Neighbors reported seeing a Blackhawk helicopter flying overhead Tuesday, and it appeared to drop something in the neighborhood. The Arizona Army National Guard is also considering this a mystery; they don't know about the flight. A lot of neighbors want to know why the helicopter was hovering low above the homes in the Arcadia neighborhood. The flyover did give people a big scare, some say they thought it was going to crash in their back yard. A neighbor FOX 10 spoke to said he thought it was 50 feet above the trees, hovering for about 3 minutes. "At first I thought it was the lawnmowers from the guys that usually cut our grass, but then it wasn't... saw a military helicopter there, nose down... I didn't think it was weird, it was military, green and big, and it had it's red lights flashing," said Marco Innocenti. Neighbors say there was a Halloween party going on when the helicopter came overhead, and kids were gathered outside during the flyover. They think the helicopter was dropping candy. In the video there appears to be something that is falling from the helicopter. Full story:

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