Famous Scene from Croatian War in '91


Probably most famous scene from Croatian war for independence. On September 21, 1991, two JNA Jastreb J-21 light strike fighters flew over the Dalmatian city of Šibenik. Croat soldiers opened fire on both planes. Fighter Filip Gacina shouted: "Both of them! Both of them fell!". The truth is, only one Jastreb was shot down with Strela 2M SAM. Pilot died instantly. Other plane escaped. Filip Gacina, the guy that shouted famous words, died in 1998 while demining field as a member of a pyrotechnic team. Croatian TV wasted no time in broadcasting the footage on Croatian television, and the whole country watched in amazement. The effect on morale was electrifying, especially since JNA overflights and aerial bombing were much reduced afterwards. As TV Zagreb showed the incredible footage over and over again, the myth of Serbian military invincibility was smashed.


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