Stunt Bi-Plane Crashes Into River

Those guys in the boat there are quite lucky. That could have been a very bad day for them. "A stunt biplane has lost control and plunged into a river while performing at an air-show in Poland. The small plane was doing aerobatics when it began spewing out plumes of dark smoke before plunging into the water of the Vistula River in central Poland. The only person on board was the pilot Marek Szufa, who was pulled from the water by rescuers and taken to hospital, where he later died. The air-show organizers say it is too early to say what caused the plane to crash. They also say the pilot of the biplane was a professional employed by Polish air company LOT, for which he piloted regular passenger flights. He was also a frequent participant at aerobatics championships in Poland. The accident occurred in Plock as people gathered on Saturday by for a picnic and the air show. The pilot was flying a Christen Eagle II, a popular single-engine aircraft used for aerobatics."

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