A Top Gun Dream

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A new adventure company in San Diego wants to give thrill seekers control of a stunt plane. After flying thousands of tourists through the skies of Las Vegas, Tex Coe, the owner of Sky Combat Ace, is doubling down and bringing his adrenaline pumping pilot skills to San Diego. Before taking off from Gillepsie Field, fliers can pick a package, and some flights start at about $300. There are fliers who prefer to simply sit back and soak up the sights of San Diego, but Tex does allow fliers to take control of the stunt plane and fly it themselves. Fliers can perform their own loops, rolls, spins and tail slides because Tex will fly the plane as a back-up pilot. One of Tex's customers in Las Vegas was Fe, a tourist and reluctant flier visiting from Australia. "I was so scared. I went under peer-pressure. I was bullied into it," she said. Fe fell in love with flying, then fell in with Tex. The two married in April. Tex is a former F-16 Air Force pilot who flew combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan. Tex said safety is his top priority. No one has ever been injured on one of his flights.