Troops to Transportation and Logistics Program

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Veterans looking for jobs in the transportation and logistics industry have access to a very strong resource: the Troops to Transportation and Logistics Program. Started by Corporate America Supports You, the program recruits veterans looking for jobs and trucking companies looking for qualified candidates. The program promises they "have the ability to directly place wounded warriors, returning troops, veterans and their spouses/caregivers into an industry that has no limits to training and job placement locally, regionally or globally."

If you don't have the right skills, T2TL promises to train veterans on top of connecting them with employers. Shawn Leonard, Senior Volunteer Advisor with T2TL, says "the military instills the skills necessary to succeed in many industries and we're ready to match our heroes with careers that best fit their skill set." The transportation and logistics industry is enormous, so whether you'll be driving trucks or supporting the operation in another way, there will be training and jobs available for you.

Here are some of the ways the program assists job-seeking veterans:

  • Applicants register for assistance at this address.
  • After applicants register, a CASY-MSCCN Applicant Specialist will contact them personally to assess their needs in conjunction with our programs and help them sign up for job readiness or placement assistance.
  • Applicant Specialists will provide one-on-one assistance for the job search, answer questions, practice mock interviews, and provide direction for job readiness and placement with our corporate partners.
  • Job-Ready Applicants will be placed into an "Applicant-Recruiter Direct-Connect Placement Program."
  • CASY-MSCCN Applicant Specialists will assist throughout the employment search and placement -- they are available by email or phone one-on-one or in group sessions for training.

Corporate America Serves You has been operational for seven years and continues to grow. Donations help in part to run the operation, and a third-party investigative service determined that 84 cents of every dollar donated was directly spent on the program. For more information about the program, check out their main website.

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