Veterans, Cyber-Security Specialists Needed for Federal Workforce


The public sector, long thought to be at the forefront of virtual security, is constantly protecting itself against hackers and online security challenges. And a lack of skilled talent in the cyber security workforce may soon leave the federal government susceptible to cyber attacks. However, former servicemembers with online defense training can fill these positions and help protect the federal government and workforce from hackers.

A recent report from the Partnership for Public Service (PPS) and Booz Allen Hamilton -- a strategy and technology consulting firm -- found that the federal cyber security workforce will erode due to fragmented governance and uncoordinated leadership, a complicated federal hiring process, a disconnect between hiring managers and the government's human resource specialists, and more importantly, a lack of qualified and skilled talent to fill these jobs.

The PPS' and Booz Allen Hamilton survey of IT managers and chief information officers revealed that only 40 percent of participants were satisfied with the quality of applicants applying for federal cyber-security jobs, and only 30 percent were satisfied with the quality of the candidates who applied for the same positions. What's more, the PPS reports that there are concerns that America is not developing enough information technology experts, which will create a labor shortage in the IT field for both the public and private sector.

"It's now clear that this cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation," says President Barack Obama in the PPS report. "It's also clear that we're not as prepared as we should be as a government or country."

Defense Secretary Robert Gates echoed the president's urgency in hiring qualified talent by stating that he Pentagon is "desperately short of people who have capabilities (defense and offensive cyber security war skills) in all the services."


The government is currently looking to fill these gaps in this field and often turns to private contractors. In fact, the Department of Homeland security estimates that the 83 percent of the staff in the office of its chief information officer are private contractors.

But the federal government is recruiting and training cyber security professionals and veterans with the proper IT background and security training fill are perfect candidates for these positions.

If you have what it takes to fill be a cyber-security specialist with the federal government visit's Security Clearance channel to get more information or visit to apply.

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