10 Fastest Growing Careers Towards 2022

Physical therapist assists with stretches.

Service members are trained to plan and prepare, and strategic thinking should not end after transitioning to civilian life. When considering future careers, understanding trends can help provide a stable lifestyle in the long run. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently published a list of the fastest growing occupations between 2012 and 2022. We've picked the top 10 for you below, as well as the projected growth rate for each.

1. Industrial-Organizational Psychologists – Psychologists use a mix of higher learning and empathy to understand human behavior and apply a variety of techniques to mitigate various psychological issues. Industrial-organizational psychologists specialize in addressing workplace issues such as productivity, management, morale, and working styles. Projected Growth Rate: 53% Average Salary: $69,280

2. Personal Care Aides – Personal care aides take responsibility for assisting individuals who are unable to perform certain function son their own such as grooming, eating, and general mobility. Often, a personal care aide's duties include providing companionship, doing chores, and shopping. Projected Growth Rate: 49% Average Salary: $19,910

3. Home Health Aides – Home health aides provide care for house-bound individuals with sever impairments. This job requires medical training; while home health aides don't administer primary care, they work under a registered nurse or doctor and are part of a larger organization, and must comply with regulations. Usually, the medical duties undertaken by home health aides include simple actions such as redressing wounds, providing exercise assistance, checking pulses, and operating medical equipment. Projected Growth Rate: 48% Average Salary: $20,820

4. Insulation Workers, Mechanical – Insulators ensure that buildings contain the necessary materials to properly regulate temperature. They often must tear out older insulation, read blueprints, prepare materials, and install new components. Mechanical insulators, specifically, focus on businesses, factories, and other buildings. They are able to insulate pipes and ducts where floor, ceiling, and wall insulators focus on attics, floors, and walls. Projected Growth Rate: 47% Average Salary: $35,940

5. Interpreters and Translators – Interpreters and translators may specialize in any given language, including region-specific sign language, but all function as intermediaries. Interpreters are tasked with taking communications from one party and delivering them to another while maintaining the integrity of the original message. The job may take professionals from hospitals to high-powered business meetings, but the ability to work under pressure and quickly translate language is integral to the job. Projected Growth Rate: 46% Average Salary: $45,430

6. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers – Diagnostic medical sonographers are qualified to use ultrasound machines to provide images of internal organs and analyze them. There different specialties including abdominal , breast, and neuro, but each one requires the use of special equipment and the ability to interpret the resulting images. Projected Growth Rate: 46% Average Salary: $60,350

7. Brickmasons, Blockmasons, Stonemasons – Buildings aren't erected on their own: it takes the hard work of men and women to do the heavy lifting and construct them piece by piece. Brickmasons, and all related occupations, specifically specialize in prepping stone construction materials and placing them in the desired position. This job can take professionals to a home with a crumbling chimney to a new commercial building downtown. Projected Growth Rate: 43% Average Salary: $29,160

8. Occupational Therapy Assistants – Occupational therapy is the process of nursing and training an individual back to functionality after an egregious impairment. Occupational therapy assistants help the primary occupational therapist in tasks such as preparing treatment areas, transporting patients, and performing clerical tasks. Projected Growth Rate: 43% Average Salary: $48,940

9. Genetic Counselors – DNA can now be used to predict possible maladies. Genetic counselors analyze DNA for individuals to determine whether they contain markers for any conditions that might adversely affect them later in life. The process includes interviewing patients about their family's medical history, obtaining DNA samples, and communicating lab results. Projected Growth Rate: 41% Average Salary: $56,800

10. Physical Therapy Assistants – Physical therapists treat individuals for a variety of injuries. Once major medical work is complete, physical therapists help patients regain a full range of motion, the ability to walk, or use mobility assistance device such as walkers. Physical therapists don't always perform treatment in an office, and may provide in-home care. Projected Growth Rate: 41% Average Salary: $39,430

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