10 Top Jobs for Work-Life Balance


The civilian job market can seem like a bewildering place to veterans transitioning out of the military, especially when they don't have a specific direction. There are many different factors to consider while hunting for jobs or preparing for a career, but one that is often ignored is work-life balance. Rather than driving hard to reach the top, many works would prefer to achieve a healthy balance between work and personal time. If you've spent years of your life in the military, you might want to consider looking for careers that give you a large degree of personal time and leeway to make your career fit into your life, and not the other way around. Check out these 10 top jobs for work-life balance inspired by Glassdoor.com.

1. Recruiting Coordinator – Recruiting is a complex and work-intensive task. Recruiting coordinators organize and oversees the entire process for a company, or for a recruiting agency. They ensure that the team is using the best techniques possible to find the right people for open positions. Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.9 Salary: $44,700

2. Risk Analyst – It's extremely important to the viability and potential growth of a company for their ventures to be lucrative. At the very least, they shouldn't cause the company to lose money. However, as most business people know, reward usually requires risk. Risk analysts identify the pros and cons of various financial ventures, and report their findings to higher ups so they can make a more informed decision. Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8 Salary: $69,088

3. Civil Engineer – With modern living comes modern infrastructure. The U.S. needs large buildings, extensive roads, massive bridges, complex water supply systems, and much more to run efficiently. Civil engineers design, construct, supervise, operate, and maintain these types of projects. The job is lucrative but requires a bachelor's degree at a minimum. Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8 Salary: $65,532

4. Software QA Engineer – Like any product, when software ships, it needs to work properly. Software QA Engineers are experts at picking apart a piece of software and identifying bugs and other potential issues. These jobs don't always require degrees in computer science or related fields, but knowledge of programming and testing automation will increase the competitiveness of any candidate. Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8 Salary: $91,440

5. Research Technician – If you're on track to enter a career in a STEM field, becoming a research technician can serve as a strong stepping stone along your way. These jobs are usually specialized for a particular type of science, and generally require at least a bachelor's degree. Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8 Salary: $36,525

6. SEO Manager – Websites that thrive on people finding their content through online search engines need to make sure their content is search-engine optimized (SEO). SEO Managers are professionals who study the structure of the most common search engines to make sure that their website is structured and formatted to make sure that it reaches the top of the list when users search for content related to their site. Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.1 Salary: $45,720

7. Talent Acquisition Specialist – Finding the best candidates for a company can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. This work requires strong interpersonal skills, exceptional organization, and perseverance. The amount of work that goes into finding qualified candidates is staggering, but using the right sorting methods and a sixth sense to sniff out hard and talented workers will be an asset to this position. Work-Life Balance Rating: 4.0 Salary: $63,504

8. Marketing Assistant – If you want to enter the field of marketing, becoming a marketing assistant is likely your first step in the process. These jobs tend to be entry level, but do require a college degree in communications, business, or other related fields.  Marketing assistants support the marketing team in daily tasks and learn how to perform higher level tasks. Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8 Salary: $32,512

9. Client Manager – The larger a business becomes, the more complicated the task of working with clients is. The job sometimes involves contacting clients to gauge how satisfied they are with services, and in which ways the company can improve. Potential client managers need to have a strong background in communication and experience in the given industry of the business they're applying to. Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.8 Salary: $71,120

10. Software Developer – Our modern world is increasingly reliant on software, and there are no signs of that slowing down soon. Software developers operate as the core engine to producing all types of software. Their job is to take requirements from producers and designers and work them into a functional product. Work-Life Balance Rating: 3.7 Salary: $80,000

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