Top Workplace Pet Peeves

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Are you sick of that "loud guy" in your office? Well, if you are you're not alone. A survey released by Randstad USA - a workforce solutions company - found that loud talkers ranked high as an office "pet peeve" for U.S. adults.

Other office pet peeves include:

  • Using a condescending tone to other coworkers - 44 percent
  • Public reprimands - 37 percent
  • Micromanaging - 34 percent
  • Cell phones ringing at work - 30 percent
  • Using speakerphones in public areas - 22 percent
  • Personal conversations in the workplace - 11 percent
  • Using personal digital devices (PDAs) during meetings - 9 percent
  • Cursing in the office - 91 percent

The survey also found that personal works habits shifted this year. The Randstad survey shows that 38 percent of employed U.S. adults do not take a lunch breaks; 31 percent work on Sundays; 33 percent work overtime without additional compensation; and 91 percent don't call in sick when they're not ill.

"Randstad's workplace etiquette survey shows that American employees are disciplined in their jobs, skipping lunch breaks and working longer hours that cut into the weekend," says Genia Spencer - managing director of operations for Randstad - in a press release.

"Employees are focusing on productivity, and they are looking to their colleagues and employers to limit excessive distractions," Spencer adds.

Do any of the office bad behaviors sound like something you might have done at work? If so, then it's time to re-evaluate your office etiquette. It's possible that your bad office manners are affecting your coworkers' productivity.

What do you think? Do you have any bad office etiquette stories? Leave your comment below.

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