Utilizing Government Sources to Seek Civilian Jobs

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While many veterans feel blindsided when they try to enter into civilian employment, they are going to find that there are numerous tools out there for their use to find these jobs. In fact, many sources are devoted to veterans only, and the aim of these sources is to find a civilian job that is going to closely relate to what the person did while he or she was active military.

Why Use Government Sources?

Many veterans may feel as though they are moving to a small town or an area where jobs are scarce, thus a government site is going to be of no use to them. They could not be more wrong. These government sites are listing jobs that are available from those who wish to hire veterans, and you may find that several of these are a close distance to your new home. In addition, since these are listed on a government website, you will find that the information here is more reliable than relying on those major job websites that may update their listings once a month or sometimes even longer.

Information that Government Sources Can Provide

Government sources are going to provide more than just a few job listings that are available to veterans, they are going to be all the information that you need to make your resume stand out, interview tips and the like. The idea is that with these centers located near veterans, prior military members are going to have all the resources they need in order to start a lucrative civilian career.

The types of jobs that these government sources are going to list are those from a wide variety of fields in the civilian world. There are going to be part time and full time jobs listed. The good news is that most of these employers who are listed are going to have veteran hiring preferences, which is going to improve your chances of getting hired for the position that you are seeking.

Government Sources to Utilize

There are several websites out there devoted to helping veterans find employment. For those who are looking for government sites, then they cannot go wrong with:

  • www.va.gov: Will contain several resources to help with resume creation, taking your military job to a term that civilians will understand
  • www.usajobs.gov: Has a section completely devoted to those who are prior military experience
  • Your local agency can also be of help, as most counties have at least one unemployment and employment assistance offices. These offices are going to work with you to find a job.

Getting a job once you are out of the military can be a scary venture. Though most people will not admit it, they are scared that they are not going to be able to find civilian employment that will be as fulfilling as their military career. However, several civilian employers are looking for a person just like you, someone who can bring to the table the type of personality and determination that you may have. And through using government sources to find civilian jobs, you can start your new life even sooner.

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