Careers Do Not Happen Overnight

When people start career shopping real fears can creep in. Here are 5 softer steps to take even before taking the big career change plunge. Compare career options against the status quo - On a sheet of paper, make a column for each option being considered, including the status quo. Write the advantages of each option. Here are several advantages of the status quo:
  • Remain comfortable.
  • Avoid the time, cost, and difficulty of training.
  • Keep friends at current job.
  • Avoid failure.
Several advantages of changing careers include the following:
  • More job satisfaction
  • More money and the things it can buy
  • New friends
  • Learning new things
Try out a new career as a sideline - Unsure whether a new career will work? Try a new career as a sideline until it makes money and sense to go full time. Give a career a trial period - Is there money in working as a singer? Will that pizza-by-the-slice business be worthwhile? Risks can be reduced when a career change is given a fixed amount of time. Looks for signs of success or drop it. Choose more than one career - When deciding on a range of career choices, choose them all. Having more than one career at a time can be exciting, but it is definitely for fast learners with high-energy who enjoy long hours. Get the best training possible - The best training is often at a student-oriented college rather than at a prestigious, research-oriented one. Even more practical options include Internet surfing, workshops, tapes, articles, and mentors. Remember - Career contentment depends on what is done after the career is chosen. Deciding the best option and pursuing it with passion boosts chances of being successful. New Career Final Check - Here are five signs that a career is the right one:
  • Can knowledge and skills be achieved in an acceptable amount of time?
  • Is there enough time and money to train?
  • Will it sustain interest?
  • Is the career environment acceptable?
  • Are the typical people interactions in this career enjoyable?
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