A Second Career for Retired Military – Recruitment

In the world of search and recruitment, experienced managers know that it's often most effective to hire new recruiters for attitude and train for skill. MRINetwork, the world's largest search and recruitment organization, recognizes that the attributes required to become a successful recruiter match up very well with the attributes that a career in the military develops and encourages. As a result, many of the more than 800 U.S. offices of MRINetwork are actively seeking people from the military as recruiters. Some of the important attributes a good recruiter needs include:
  • They are self-starters. Recruiters have a fair degree of autonomy. They manage their own client and candidate relationships, and their success is directly proportionate to their effort.
  • They have the ability to build relationships. Recruiters make a big impact through the candidates they place. They help companies grow and thrive, and they help build careers. They have to care about people to do that.
  • They can handle rejection without damage to their self-esteem. When first starting out, recruiters may get some negative responses until they build credibility, but once they have some tenure, they begin to develop a steady client base and a healthy income.
  • They are competitive. They are resourceful and they play the game to win. They rise to the occasion and often succeed in situations that others give up on.
  • They have the habit of lifelong learning. Companies rely on their recruiters for much more than finding a candidate to fill an open job. Recruiters have to read the literature and know the competition. Often they understand more about the big industry trends than their clients.
  • They have the discipline to try new things. They are eager to consider and implement new ideas. And they don't get discouraged if they new ideas don't always work out. They just move on to the next idea.
  • They are proud of the work they do. They view recruiting as a profession and place high value on the impact they have on their client companies and on the careers of their candidates.
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