Bunker Busting Transitions, Stage Four - The Billion Dollar Question

Editor's note: This article is part four of a 10-part series. Click here to read stage three. You have now added your critical contacts to the mix. Try to contact each one of them, by voice and not by e-mail (just yet - good etiquette requires that you begin the dialog with a personal conversation) and you will ask each one of them the following question:  "What is the most critical underserved need in your industry?"
  • Ask that question of all your contacts and their friends in the industry who know enough to have an answer.
  • Ask the question when you meet anyone who knows a lot about any business, industry, profession, institution, or organization.
  • Cast a wide net and persist.
  • Don't forget that this tactic will work on just about every possible employment field.
Examples of underserved needs could include the following:
  • A coal mine without an emergency communications system
  • A town without a particular type of house of worship
  • A town too small for a Walmart but in need of a general store
  • A distribution network that has a missing piece
  • A tracking mechanism that doesn't exist
  • A school without a particular teacher
  • A town with no Italian restaurant
  • A harbor with no boating services dock
  • A democrat running for office in a location full of republican politicians when a massive scandal erupts.
  • Any place where something important doesn't exist
Bunker Busting Tip: You are allowed to ask this question during your entire military career, so start taking notes today. Your next step is Stage Five, Answers and Solutions
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