Bunker Busting Transitions, Stage Seven - Employers

Editor's note: This article is part seven of a 10-part series. Click here to read stage six.  You have now accumulated every key piece of information required to launch your job-hunting campaign, except for one thing. You need to identify the pool of employers who you should approach with your idea, solution, and user letters. These are the parts of Porter's Value Chain (read Stage Six) that are above you and they are likely to have come from your conversations with your contacts. Researching employers is easy. It is fair to say that of all the occupational sectors, the largest zone absolutely has to be commerce. The other sectors such as education, religion, or politics are extremely well defined on the Internet. Your prospects in those cases are easily spotted using Google, Yahoo or Switchboard with key words. If some aspect of commerce is in your future, here is an extremely useful tool: http://www.infobaseventures.com/publicly-traded-companies-by-sic-code-and-by-state.html. It will identify the publicly traded companies that deliver the general type of product you hope to pursue with your employment. Another excellent tool includes smaller companies that are not publicly traded (that is to say, their ownership is not available on the stock markets): http://www.virtualpet.com/industry/howto/search.htm Nuclear Tip: This is where you insert your preference for location by selecting the employer candidates from the places where you have always wanted to live. Prepare your list of prospective employers. It's probably best to do this on an Excel spreadsheet with names, addresses, contact information, dates and notes. Your next step is Stage Eight, Prepare Your Scorecard
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