10 Best Cities for Millennials


Millennials face more than a few challenges in getting off the ground and into the civilian working world. Many are saddled with unprecedented levels of student loan debt, jobs are harder to find since the 2008 crash, and cost of living is on the rise. Some might call them entitled and lazy, but millennials are staring down tough times. And like any other generation, they have specific preferences about their livelihoods that are as unique as they are strong. Vocativ scraped data online about the most highly populated US cities, looked at the most important needs and wants of millennials, and created a list of the top 35 cities for them to live. We've taken the top 10 and touched on each one for you below. If you're just transitioning out of the military, take a close look. While it's tempting to return home, it isn't always the best plan.

1. New York, NY

Life in The Big Apple has always had a romantic appeal, and despite a high cost of living it stands solidly in the number one spot. According to Vocativ, the pros of living in New York City far outweigh the cons. If you're earning a huge paycheck or rooming with a group of friends, you'll be treated to world-class public transit, strong diversity, music festivals, and a ton of top notch eateries. Top Ranks: Demographics, Food, Entertainment, Getting Around

2. Arlington, TX

If you want a low cost of living in a fun city, Arlington might be your best option. A two bedroom apartment can run for about $900 a month and a night out doesn't cost an arm and a leg. To top it off, job opportunities in Arlington are growing, so you won't have to stress out too much about finding work. Top Ranks: Housing, Food, Night Out

3. San Francisco, CA

Like New York, San Francisco's high cost of living is offset by its cultural offerings. It has all the trappings of a millennials wish list including amazing food, countless bars and restaurants, tons of music festivals, and art just about everywhere you look. If you can figure out a way to finance your stay and abide by a constantly late, though frequent, inter-city bus system, San Francisco has plenty to offer. Top Ranks: Jobs, Food, Getting Around

4. Denver, CO

Denver may or may not be the first place that jumps to your mind for ideal living situations, but that depends on your stance with legalized marijuana. Other than that, Denver offers gorgeous scenery, tons of coffee shops, a thriving arts district, and a team for all four major US sports. Top Ranks: Food, Entertainment, Night Out

5. Austin, TX

It doesn't top the list on cultural offerings, but there's in Austin to keep just about anyone entertained. Austin's strengths lie with a rich music scene, diverse job opportunities, and a low cost of living. If you're not into barbecue or rock music, don't worry: you just might enjoy a modern bike-sharing system and good weather. Top Ranks: Housing, Jobs, Food, Night Out

6. Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis has a lot to offer including great job opportunities, lots to distract yourself with, and a solid transportation system. Not only are the jobs growing, but they're potentially very valuable to your career; Minneapolis is host to Fortune 500 companies like Target and 3M. If you love live theater then Minneapolis is the place to be besides New York. Top Ranks: Jobs, Entertainment, Getting Around

7. Seattle, WA

Aside from fairly weak diversity in the population and a higher cost of living, Seattle has just about everything. From music to food to coffee to sports, it's hard not to find something to enjoy. However, be wary of finding love in this rainy city: only 26 percent of people under 35 are single. Top Ranks: Jobs, Food, Entertainment

8. Saint Paul, MN

Saint Paul features a low cost of living, but that comes with the price of lower average salaries. While it's not quite an epicenter of art and entertainment, it does feature one or two trendier neighborhood. If you're thinking about Minneapolis, be ready for cold weather. The temperatures drop so low that the city hosts the Saint Paul winter Carnival which features ice sculpting, sledding, and an ice palace. Top Ranks: Housing, Jobs, Food, Night Out

9. Madison, WI

If you're looking for safety net of a city, Madison might be int. It weathered the recession extremely well, and has consistently offered low housing costs and high job opportunities. Aside from sensible lifestyle choices, this chilly city offers plenty in the way of food and beer. There are plenty of recreational activities to take part in as well as a healthy city-wide love of sports. Top Ranks: Housing, Jobs, Night Out. Appeal

10. Portland, OR

While not as purely cheap and fun as you might hope, Portland still has a lot to offer. From great food to affordable nights out, the culture in Portland is as weird as you might think it is. But, housing prices have been going up so while it's still affordable than San Francisco, you'll need a solid salary to afford good housing. Top Ranks: Jobs, Food, Night Out, Appeal

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