The Sure Thing for Veteran Employment: Manufacturing


There is a shortage of qualified workers in the manufacturing sector, and this industry wants servicemembers to fill the gap.

Manafacturing jobs, such as the ones offered at Advanced Technology Systems Inc. (ATS) - a manufacturing services provider - need veterans with technical skills honed while deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan to bring back to the American workforce.

These technical skills can consist of industrial parts repair, production equipment maintenance, and IT infrastructure support. And, there are very few employees, without military training, that can fill these positions.

What's more, the shortage in skilled employees might cost manufacturers millions of dollars. According to an ATS survey, the majority of respondents said the cost of a shortage in skilled workers will cost an average of $50 million per company.

As a result, ATS consistently recruits former military and educates other companies about the benefits of hiring servicemembers.

"We are proud to support our veterans by offering them an opportunity in the civilian sector where their skills and military experience are appreciated," says ATS President Jeffrey Owens, in an ATS Press release.

Additionally, ATS recruits servicemembers for their strong work ethic as well as their technical skills.  In fact, ATS published a survey of more than 100 senior manufacturing executives that shows why veterans are good job candidates for these technical positions.

According to the results, more than 72 percent of survey participants say hiring former military reduces training costs, and quickly provides skilled labor.

Manufacturing executives also said the following make hiring former military attractive:

  • 81 percent of executives say veterans are disciplined.
  • 70 percent say veterans are extremely dedicated to their mission.
  • 69 percent of survey participants cited veterans' strong leadership skills.
  • 55 percent say veterans' problem-solving skills are great attributes.

"I don't think a lot of people realize how disciplined and professional military people are," says Holly Turner, Military Recruitment Manager for ATS. "And they all have the type of skills that are valuable to companies."

If you're a veteran, retiree, or transitioning servicemember ready to fill the gap, then visit's Veteran Career Network. Using the VCN can connect you with employers in the manufacturing industry looking for veterans. And Veterans working in manufacturing can use this service to help other servicemembers find employment in the industry.

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