Top 5 US Counties for Jobs

A new list of the Top 25 U.S. counties for jobs was recently published by On the list you'll find communities in Arizona, Texas and Colorado, all of which purport to have a manageable cost of living, better job market, and growing local economy. Many of these counties have also lured large corporations into their area to boost job opportunities for locals, and the economy as well. If you live near these areas, or are in the middle of transition and want to relocate, these counties may be your best bet to have a stable job in this dwindling job market.

Here's the list of the Best US Counties for Jobs, according to CNNMoney:

1. Pinal County, Ariz.: Known as a copper mining hub, this county has seen a lot of growth in the last year. Pinal County just opened a new hospital, shopping center, and plans to court more small business as well as a copper mining company that will create "high paying jobs" for engineers, miners and technicians.

2. Rockwall, County, Texas: An increased amount of small and large businesses, such as L-3 Communications, has brought more jobs to the Rockwall. Additionally, strong, local manufacturing industry provides many career opportunities for unemployed workers.

3. Kendall County, Ill.: Trade jobs thrive in Kendall. Opportunities in construction, truck driving, and heavy equipment operating abound. What's more health care jobs are also on the rise, due to the opening of the Rush-Copely Health Care Center in nearby Yorkville.

4. Loudoun County, Va.: Loudoun is 20 minutes away from Washington D.C., and offers a short commute to the city. Major employers in the area include Dulles International Airport, Verizon, America Online, as well as several defense contracting companies.

5. Douglas County, Colo.: This area has a well-developed transportation system - including an expanded light rail, airport, and freeway - that makes it easy to get to nearby Denver or Colorado Springs. New jobs lie within the Information Technology sector, and more large companies plan to move their businesses to this county. In fact, Charles Schwab plans to bring more than 500 jobs to Douglas County this year.

Do you live in near or in these counties? Do you agree with's list, and think that these counties are primed for job growth? We want to hear your opinion. Let know if this list is accurate on our Discussion boards.

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