Skills Translator: Petrol Supply Specialist

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Military Skills Translator: Army Petroleum Supply Specialist

If you're an Army Petroleum Supply Specialist (92F) looking for a job, check out your skills and the civilian jobs they're suited for, based on the MOS Skills Translator.

Army, 92F, Petroleum Supply Specialist

One of the biggest barriers to searching for jobs is understanding how the skills you learned in the military translate to the civilian workforce. features a powerful tool that breaks down the unique abilities inherent to any military occupational specialty (MOS) and tells you what keywords and terms to use in your resume, as well as suggested job openings.

Your Skills Breakdown:

  • Advanced First Aid
  • Cargo Handling
  • Firearm and Explosives Handling
  • Fuel Handling and Distribution
  • Inventory Management and Distribution
  • Laboratory Tests and Examinations
  • Piping System Installation and Repair
  • Sample/Specimin Collection and Processing
  • Water Management Systems

Civilian Job Suggestions:

Laboratory Assistant – Laboratory assistants handle a lot of the manual work required inside of a lab. This an excellent position for anyone trying to enter certain scientific fields. Previous lab experience is usually a plus, and at least a high school degree or some college is preferred.

Medical Technologist – Medical technologists don't quite run the show inside of a laboratory, but they do help with some autonomy. They are responsible for conducting routine tests, performing initial analyses, working under tight deadlines, and work independently.

Phlebotomist – This job requires, usually, a phlebotomy certification and the willingness to work with patients and their bodily fluids. Typical skills required include blood collection, urine drug screen collections, and breath/saliva alcohol testing. Working as a phlebotomist can provide great experience for future craeers.

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