The Most Secure Jobs in America


Job security is a hot commodity in today's economy. The down U.S. job market shed many jobs, and employees cling to their occupations, whether they like them or not. However, there are some jobs out there that are recession-proof, secure, and are great for servicemembers to boot. released their list of the Top 10 Most Secure Jobs of 2009, and many of the occupations on the list are ideal for transitioning servicemembers and veterans who may want to apply their military experience to a civilian career.


Here's a look at the Top 10 Most Secure Jobs:


1. ER Physicians: No matter what ailment hits the economy, the health care field will be able to survive. Not only is the median salary high for ER docs ($249,000), but also the potential for job growth, and job satisfaction.


2. General Surgeon: This group of health care professionals will always be in demand. General surgeons diagnose and treat illnesses through invasive procedures. Surgeons also have a big pay day ($248,000 median salary) and this field is expected to grow by 14 percent in the next seven years.


3. Marketing Manager: Marketing managers manage and analyze most if not all of the marketing campaigns for their companies. This is a secure profession because companies need marketing managers to tell them where their marketing dollars will be best spent. The average salary for a manger is $76,600, and the field is projected to grow by 14 percent by 2016.


4. Nurse Practitioner: According the CNN a shortage of primary care doctors spurred career growth for nurse practitioners. NPs can work in hospitals, urgent care centers or have their own private practice. Their median salary is $85,200, and this career has one of the highest projected job growth with 23 percent by 2016.


5. Software Development Director: Computer and tech geeks this is for you: The development field is not only secure, but growing. A director in this career plans the direction on oversees the operation of software development. The median salary comes in at a whopping $144,000 and you'll see more software developers in the coming years. The field is expected to grow by 28 percent in seven years.


6. Physician Assistant: Physician assistants, or PAs, work with the supervision of a doctor to treat patients. This includes diagnosing illnesses, assisting with surgery, or in some cases writing prescriptions. PAs don't have to spend years and thousands of dollars in med school, and they're cheaper to employ, which has led to a high degree of job security. The average salary for a PA is $95,000 and this career will increase by 27 percent in seven years.


7. Director of Communications: In some cases this often fast-paced and glamorous career puts you and your clients in front of the media. Directors have to maintain a favorable image for their company, as well as ensure that any messaging that comes from the organization is positive. And, thanks to the proliferation of the Internet and television, communication directors will be around for a long time.


8. Physical Therapist: PTs restore strength and flexibility to patients who have suffered bodily injuries and wounds. They have a high degree of job satisfaction because of their positive contribution to society ¿ especially to our nation's wounded warriors. The salary for PTs ranges from $74,000 ¿ $98,000, and the field will grow by 27 percent in seven years.


9. Speech Language Pathologist: A speech-language pathologist works with patients who have hearing or speech disorders. This valuable group of health care workers can make as much as $116,000 a year and will has a projected job growth of 11 percent.


10. Lawyer: Attorneys and lawyers are among some of the most recession-proof careers today. Most law professions range from public defenders to civil attorneys. Lawyers make up to $262,000 a year, and will have an 11 percent jump increase in the field by 2016.


Many of these secure careers call for a college or post graduate degree, which you can use your Post 9/11 GI Bill to obtain. If you want to learn more about getting your degree to apply for one of these jobs visit's Education channel, and to search for jobs in these fields, visit's Veteran Job board.

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