Military Skills Translator: Navy Boatswain's Mate

Industrial Engineering Technician

If you're a Navy Boatswain's Mate (BM) looking for a job, check out your skills and the civilian jobs they're suited for, based on the MOS Skills Translator.

Navy, BM, Boatswain's Mate

One of the biggest barriers to searching for jobs is understanding how the skills you learned in the military translate to the civilian workforce. features a powerful tool that breaks down the unique abilities inherent to any military occupational specialty (MOS) and tells you what keywords and terms to use in your resume, as well as suggested job openings.

Your Skills Breakdown:

  • (Physical) Access Control Procedures
  • Equipment Safety Feature Design
  • Fire & Hazardous Material Prevention Techniques
  • Fire & Hazardous Material Protection Techniques
  • Firearm and Explosives Handling
  • Industrial Equipment Operation
  • Logistics Support
  • Safety and Occupational Health Programs
  • Schedule/Itinerary Planning
  • Skill with Hand Tools or Power Tools

Civilian Job Suggestions:

Equipment Mechanic – Equipment mechanics usually specialize in repairing specific types of hardware, and their skills are in high demand. The modern world requires numerous types of machinery to function, and some require dedicated professionals who understand how they run and how to fix them. This job usually requires some amount of education, but not a four year degree.

Driver – Truck drivers serve a variety of job functions from hauling precious cargo across state lines to delivering packages to individuals at home. Strong time management and driving skills are preferred, and the resilience to drive for hours at a time is a must.

Field Service Technician – Field service technicians generally don’t have the luxury of repairing equipment in a temperature controlled building – they trudge out to outdoor infrastructure to make complex, sometimes dangerous repairs. While they do specialize in certain types of hardware, becoming a field service technician usually only requires the right training and certifications.

To narrow your search, check out some of the following companies that offer jobs in related industries:

Farmers Insurance

State Farm

Parker Hannifin

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