Military Skills Translator: Marine Corps Rifleman

Firefighter beats back blaze.

If you're a Marine Corps Rifleman (0311) looking for a job, check out your skills and the civilian jobs they're suited for, based on the MOS Skills Translator.

Marine Corps, 0311, Rifleman

One of the biggest barriers to searching for jobs is understanding how the skills you learned in the military translate to the civilian workforce. features a powerful tool that breaks down the unique abilities inherent to any military occupational specialty (MOS) and tells you what keywords and terms to use in your resume, as well as suggested job openings.

Your Skills Breakdown:

  • Advanced First Aid
  • Firearm and Explosives Handling
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Logistics Support
  • Message Processing Procedures
  • Protective Services
  • Risk Management
  • Safety and Occupational Health Programs
  • Skill with Hand Tools or Power Tools
  • Surveilance Techniques
  • Surveying and Mapping Methods

Civilian Job Suggestions:

Loss Prevention – Loss prevention officers are responsible for securing areas that sell goods. The job requires far more than preventing petty theft; loss prevention personnel are often tasked with uncovering credit card fraud and apprehending dangerous assailants. While loss prevention teams operate in smaller teams than the military, they enjoy a similar type of comraderie, respect, and call to action.

Correctional Officer – Correctional officers are responsible for maintaning order in a correctional facility. It is a very dangerous and stressful job, so military experience proves invaluable. The job isn't just about walking a perimeter: correctoinal officers may aid in rehabilitation of inmates, conduct inspections, and file reports on inmate conduct.

Firefighter – Military service lends itself well to many types of government service, firefighting included. Working as a firefighter means making the safety of a town or city your responsibility. While they typically put out fires, they also serve as first responders to medical emergencies. The job isn't all muscle and beating back flames, it involves a lot of paperwork and maintenance.

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