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The one fear that many military members have once they get out of service and become veterans is finding a job in the civilian world.

Many of these veterans feel as though they are in no way appealing to civilian employers, and that they are way behind on everything that other people are bringing to the job they may wish to have. However, that is not true.

Employers are excited to work with veterans, as they find that veterans often bring a sense of duty to the position that is hard to find with those who have never been in the military. With that being said, veterans need to realize that their military experience could help them land any job they want in the civilian world.

What Civilian Employers Look for in Employees

A civilian employer often has a list of requirements that they wish for a potential employee to have. Many of these requirements are listed in their job applications. For example, they often want someone who is trustworthy, has experience dealing with people and/or managing others, and is responsible and dependable.

They may want other technical requirements, but it all boils down to finding someone who is going to step into the position and do their job without having to be told at every step what they should be doing. That is the dream employee to have for many employers.

Why Your Military Experience Helps

It does not matter if you were in the military for four years or 15 years. Chances are, you picked up a variety of experiences while serving. Though you may feel that your two deployments overseas will not matter much to civilians, you are wrong.

When considering what employers are wanting, most veterans fit the ideal candidate. You have spent your military career taking orders, learning how to exceed at each task you were given, thinking on your feet in intense situations and the like. This makes you someone that people want to hire.

How to Let Your Experience Show

In order to let employers know that you have the experience they require within a job, you have to show this. Do not be afraid to list your medals and awards that you have received. If you received a Good Conduct award for every year that you were enlisted, be sure that you tell a potential employer this. Good Conduct awards are only given in the military to those who deserve such an award; therefore, do not be afraid to boast this.

Secondly, when interviewing for positions, talk about the way you functioned in the military. If you were in charge of lower-ranking military members, include this in your story. This shows that you can manage others and still fulfill your job duties.

What many veterans do not realize is that they are fully qualified to work in a variety of civilian jobs. They simply have to let their experience speak for them. Employers are often looking to hire veterans, and this is due to the success they have had in having veterans in the workplace for the past several years.

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