4 Crazy Job Search Techniques

As the unemployment rate swells to its highest rate in decades — close to 10 percent — the remaining employers that are hiring are receiving a glut of resumes from out-of-work job seekers, making it hard for any one candidate to stand out. And desperate times call for desperate measures, and some people are resorting to more "creative" means to find jobs these days.

Here are four stories of how crazy job search techniques paid off for some lucky job seekers: The Sandwich Board Guy Josh Persky, an MIT grad, took the unconventional approach to finding a job quickly. Persky, who lost his job as a financial engineer a year ago, tied a sandwich board to his body that read "Experienced MIT Grad for hire." He then walked around mid-town Manhattan donning the sandwich board hoping that someone would notice. After 12 months of wearing the board, Persky was offered a job at an accounting firm. The Resume Shirt Kelly Kinney took the sandwich board idea and made it a bit more comfortable. Kinney, 29, superimposed "I NEED A JOB!" followed by her resume on the front of white t-shirt, along with her cover letter on the back. CNN reports that Kinney has worn the t-shirt around her hometown, but has not had any job offers yet. Renting a Billboard Taking a cue from the Sandwich Board Guy, Dallas-based Julie Sarpy decided to take her skills to employers, too. She spent $1,200 to rent a billboard along a Dallas highway for three days that read, "Savvy chic stylopolitan fashion guru for employ." Her risky move paid off. After she rented the billboard she received 50 phone calls from employers and subsequently received two job offers, according to the Dallas News. Say Thanks with Pizza After an interview, Jake Becker, 37, followed up with his interviewer by hosting a surprise pizza party for the entire office. "It could have looked bad, but as it turned out they did indeed appreciate it and sent me a gracious online thank you card," he told CNNMoney.com. Despite this generous show of appreciation for being interviewed, Becker did not get the job.
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