15 High-Paying Jobs for Low-Skill Communicators

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Communication skills are among the most vital of soft business skills. No matter the job, some type of communication with another individual is usually necessary. However, for those that would prefer a job with as little communication as possible, there are plenty of very lucrative careers that fit the bill. Business Insider analyzed data collected by O*NET Online and compiled a list of 15 well-paying jobs with low communication skill requirements which we've collected for you below.

1. Software Developer, System Software –Developing software usually requires coordination and teamwork, but not nearly to the same degree as many other white-collar jobs. Rather than sitting through endless meeting, glad-handing, or working with the public, you'll spend most of your time writing code. Average Annual Salary: $101,410

2. Database Administrators – Computer database administrators aren't usually required to interact with the public in any way. The job requires a high technical aptitude, but it does allow individuals to cloister themselves away from most office hustle and bustle Average Annual Salary: $78,520

3. General Dentist – Even though they interact with patients, dentists aren't paid to be social butterflies. They can be as clinical and impersonal as they'd like, as long as the job gets done. Average Annual Salary: $146,340

4. Nurse Anesthetists – Anesthesiology is a serious branch of medicine, and it rarely requires intense patient interaction. Nurse anesthetists specialize in putting people to sleep during surgery, and rarely need to much more. The pay is great, and they're rarely called on to speak in public or interact with the public. Average Annual Salary: $151,090

5. Optometrists – Similar to other medical professions on the list, optometrists are generally stress-free when it comes to their work. Patient interaction can be whatever they'd like, and receiving an eye exam usually isn't the time to heavily socialize. Average Annual Salary: $101,290

6. Postal Service Mail Sorters, Processors, and Processing Machine Operators – Taking care of mail at various facilities is a very lax on communication requirements. Any of the various jobs in this type of field can earn a solid paycheck without spending time handling coworkers or the public. Average Annual Salary: $53,830

7. Elevator Installers and Repairers – Although elevators are by their nature located in high-traffic areas, whether on private or public property, people tend not to bother the folks repairing them. Similar to other service and technical careers, elevator repairman can get thrive in their jobs with little communication and plenty of expertise. Average Annual Salary: $78,640

8. Mine Shuttle Car Operators – There are few places you can go that provide the same type of solitude as a mine. Mine shuttle car operators are somewhat like private bus drivers, but without the hassle of dealing with the public. Aside from a chit-chat with coworkers, these professionals don't need to place a heavy emphasis on their communication skills. Average Annual Salary: $53,020

9. Dermatologists – Considering the high pay of a dermatologist, communication skills are considerably less important than in comparable positions. Direct interaction with patients is a must, and successful dermatologists are skilled in educating their patients as well as treating them. Average Annual Salary: $187,200

10. Podiatrists – You may not associate feet with urgent medical care, but they do deserve the attention of a dedicated medical professional. Namely, a podiatrist. This job requires patient interaction, but not communication within the organization itself. The primary communication requirement is writing, not necessarily face to face or over the phone. Average Annual Salary: $118,210

11. Loading Machine Operators, Underground Mining – Working with heavy equipment in a mine is not a job that usually requires an excess of communication. While it's very important to maintain safety standards and communicate with coworkers, there isn't much past that and writing requirements are at a minimum. Average Annual Salary: $50,640

12. Non-Aviation Transportation Vehicle, Equipment, and Systems Inspectors – Public speaking in this career field is far less important than others with comparable salaries. The job does require good communication in performing inspections and educating individuals about possible violations. Average Annual Salary: $65,950

13. Mining roof Bolters – According to the metrics, mining roof bolters have almost zero contact with people outside of the mine, and have very low writing requirements. Average Annual Salary: $54,780

14. Locomotive Engineers – Unlike pilots of passenger airplanes, train engineers have zero speaking duties. No announcements, no updates, and no shaking hands with curious passengers unless you really want to. If you like trains and don't like speaking to the public, becoming a train engineer may be a solid option. Average Annual Salary: $53,310

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