10 Worst Paying Jobs in America

Waiter serving wine at a restaurant.

Serving in the military provides a great number of lessons, and many of them can help service members during their transition, especially a difficult one. Although the civilian world appears boundless and unrestricted compared to the rigid structure of the military, maintaining an objective-focused approach to transitioning will help keep you on track during a period of turbulence.

If you find yourself experiencing financial difficulty, you may need to find the first job that's available. Unfortunately, there are all too many jobs that don't provide a good standard of living. Forbes collected a list of the 10 worst paying jobs in America, and most of them are in the food service industry. If during your transition you find yourself in any of these positions, it's important to understand exactly what you'll be earning and what you can do to move on.

Remember that the first step to financial success is balancing your expenses with your income. Figure out what you'll be able to afford on the salary you're likely to earn; a job interview is not the appropriate time to figure out how much you'll be making.

1. Fast Food Cook Average Annual Salary: $18,870

2. Food Preparation and Serving Worker Average Annual Salary: $18,880

3. Shampooer Average Annual Salary: $18,910

4. Dishwasher Average Annual Salary: $19,180

5. Cafeteria and Coffee Shop Counter Attendant Average Annual Salary: $19,650

6. Restaurant, Lounge, and Coffee Shop Host Average Annual Salary: $19,670

7. Dining Room Attendant and Cafeteria Helper Average Annual Salary: $19,940

8. Farmworker and Laborer Average Annual Salary: $20,080

9. Amusement and Recreation Attendant Average Annual Salary: $20,310

10. Usher, Lobby Attenent, Ticket Taker Average Annual Salary: $20,370

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